Crow’s Feet

Crow’s Feet

What are crow’s feet?

Crow’s feet, also known as laugh or smile lines, are the given name for the lines around the outer corner of your eye. As flattering as laugh lines sound, these unsightly lines appear in our early 30s, or earlier if you do not use an effective skin care regimen. Either way, these inevitable lines will appear as we grow older. And unlike other wrinkles or expression lines on the face, crow’s feet can appear to look more pronounced or deeper on the skin.

What are the causes?

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity due to lost collagen and elastin–the two most important proteins for maintaining a youthful look to our skin. The skin around the eyes is much thinner and often the first place on our body to show signs of wrinkles. As our facial muscles repeatedly expand and contract over time, fine lines and wrinkles eventually become permanently etched into the face. Crow’s feet will appear on the face when the muscles around the eyes are unable to fully rest. Other contributing factors of crow’s feet include sun damage and a slower renewal of cells (skin turnover) in the body.

Although crow’s feet cannot be prevented entirely, there are measures you can take to reduce their severity. These measures include:

  • using SPF eye cream
  • wearing UV protective sunglasses
  • wearing hats
  • staying hydrated
  • and reducing your exposure to toxins

Coupled with a daily skin care regime, these preventative steps can help to stop your crow’s feet from becoming much worse.

Get treatments in Seattle, Washington

For crow’s feet and other facial lines, the team at Lifted Beauty + Wellness provides Botox injections. When injected near the eyes, Botox can allow the thin muscles in that area to fully relax. Once relaxed, your skin will appear smooth and youthful. To find if Botox injections are right for you, schedule a consultation today. If you live in the Madrona community of Seattle, use the form on our site to request your consultation or call/text us at (206) 299-1102.


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