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Yoga, Fitness, Meditation, Breathing, and Workshops – it’s a skin studio…because for healthy skin we need healthy minds and bodies. At Lifted we believe beauty happens from the inside out. We’ve created a safe and comfortable studio environment to share all our favorite secrets to live your best life face forward.

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Lifted collaborates with yoga, fitness, meditation, and wellness providers by hosting curated classes and workshops. For upcoming classes and workshops please visit our Event Page. Let’s get flowing!


Studio Etiquette

When should I arrive?

  • Access to the studio begins 10 minutes before the scheduled class start time (classes begin and end on time). The door operates on an automated schedule; If the door is locked then you’ve arrived too early or too late. When the door is unlocked, please quietly enter the building (shhhh…it’s a spa), remove your shoes, and apply hand sanitizer.
  • We are touchless. Please schedule through Vagaro for your class. You must reserve your space in the class – no walk-ins at this time. If you made a reservation and arrive late or are unable to attend, you will be charged for the class.
  • Proceed to the studio and select a cubby to store your belongings. We ask that you please limit your personal belongings; only bring the essentials. Please be sure to turn off your cell phone and silence your watch (buzzing/vibrating/ringing sounds during class are disruptive to the practice).
  • Lifted has a 48-hour advanced noticed for cancellations and no-show policy. If you fail to arrive for your scheduled class, you will be charged for the session regardless of attendance.

What should I bring?

What the Studio at Lifted provides – access to a small cubby within the studio for use during class. A filtered water bottle filling station (please bring a water bottle or we have reusable water bottles for purchase). We are trying to reduce touch points to keep everyone safe and healthy.

What you should bring – Each class will have an outline of the items you should bring with you. Examples of props that might be suggested – yoga mat, towel, meditation pillows, water bottle, and props such as blocks, straps, or myofascial yoga balls.

COVID-19 Etiquette

  • Health Assessment – Please stay home if you have any signs of infection: a cough, a fever, difficulty breathing or any other symptoms.
  • Support Our Community – If you’ve tested positive or have knowingly come into contact with someone who has, please stay home until you’ve tested negative.
  • Arrival – To limit the total amount of time spent in the studio, please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before class starts.
  • Check-In – We are touchless. Please check-in and head straight to the studio. Thanks for not congregating in the common areas.
  • Social Distancing – Please maintain at least 6 feet of distance from other people. Follow the floor markers for further guidance
  • Masks – Please arrive wearing a mask. Based on the current guidelines our mask policy will be posted.
  • Wash Your Hands – Please use the hand sanitizer available on your way in or wash your hands.
  • Eyes, Nose & Mouth – As much as possible, please avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Personal Items – Please limit the number of personal items you bring into the studio. Only bring the essentials.
  • Stay on Your Mat – Please stay on your mat, in your marked spot, for the duration of class. Please follow the current mask policies.
  • After Class – At the end of class, after you gather your belongings, we ask that you please leave the studio.

What Classes Do You Offer?

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Lifted hosts a variety of yoga, fitness, meditation, breathing, and wellness classes and workshops. For a list of available classes and workshops please visit our schedule here.  


Event Space

Are you as into great skin and wellness as Lifted?  Maybe our studio is the perfect space to host your next class, workshop or pop-up. Please email us at if you would like to learn more.

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