B.E. Beautiful Energy Skincare

B.E. Beautiful Energy Skincare

Experience a new standard of care for laser & energy-based treatments

Cynosure has again changed the game by introducing a top-of-the-line pre and post-treatment skincare collection formulated to enhance laser results. These products hydrate, nourish, repair, and protect your skin after you have had your laser procedure. Results can’t be replicated and can only be achieved during a curated treatment experience here at Lifted.

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Who Is It For?

The B.E. Beautiful Energy line was designed for all skin types

Different serums in the collection are used to address different issues on different skin types. Patients with dry or sensitive skin, or those getting treatments in the winter, should start with the PM Focused Repair Lotion every other or every third night. Once the skin is acclimated, it can be used nightly. All other products can be used as directed.

B.E. Beautiful Energy Skincare Protocol

All products in the B.E. Beautiful Energy line can safely be used up until the day of treatment to maximize outcomes. Post-treatment products require different procedures, which can be discussed during your consultation.

Why Lifted Loves B.E. Beautiful Energy

B.E. Beautiful Energy is an ideal skincare line for improving your results after a laser treatment. These products help repair and protect your skin, delivering the desired results much faster than simple OTC creams. We combine these with our laser devices to transform our clients’ look.

Schedule a Complimentary Skincare Consultation in Capitol Hill, Seattle

Not sure what products are right for you? Let our team craft the perfect skincare routine based on your skin needs! If you live in the Madrona community of Seattle, please text us at (206) 299-1102, or request a complimentary consultation online. B.E. Beautiful Energy products are available at our spa only.







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