Clean beauty for the Skintellectual!

O COSMEDICS is a transformative Australian-made skincare brand developed with the highest respect for your skin and internationally endorsed by professional skin experts. O COSMEDICS was started in 2010, and has been causing a storm ever since!

This skincare line features a selection of products designed to fight the five major causes of aging. It corrects serious skin conditions, helps maintain skin health, promotes youth, and improves your overall confidence through the principles of Corneotherapy and Biomimetic technology.

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Who Is It For?

Anyone interested in reversing and preventing aging signs.

O COSMEDICS retains and regains skin health, treating the five major causes of aging: Collagen Breakdown, Inflammation, Glycation, Photo Defence, and Oxidation. If you are unhappy with the look of your skin, O should have a product perfect for you!

O COSMEDICS Treatment Procedure

In most cases, O products must be applied daily or regularly. Their formulas use biomimetic technology that mimics cell function, optimizes cell activity, and uses ingredients that have a perfect affinity with the skin in their recommended doses to trigger cellular responses.

These products are evidence-based, but their application requires expertise. At Lifted, we provide a unique, curated experience to ensure you get the results you deserve.

Why Lifted Loves O COSMEDICS

O COSMEDICS is the most loved skincare brand in Australia and New Zealand. These medical-grade products contain no nasty ingredients and instead rely on functional actives, which are ingredients in their highest doses for quick and amazing results. When you improve your skin cell health, it leads to skin confidence! Become an O Addict today!

Schedule a Complimentary Skincare Consultation in Capitol Hill, Seattle

Not sure what products are right for you? Let our team craft the perfect skincare routine based on your skin needs! If you live in the Madrona community of Seattle, please text us at (206) 299-1102, or request a complimentary consultation online. O COSMEDICS products are available at our spa only.







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