Double Chin
Woman's double chin

What Causes a Double Chin?

In the social media age, a perfect profile is all the rage. Between Gua Shas and face exercises, it seems like nothing fixes the problem permanently

A double chin can develop from excess weight; however, submental fat, the layer of fat under our chin, doesn’t always go away with weight loss–or have anything to do with weight in the first place!

While there is no specific answer to why double chins occur, it might be where your body chooses to store fat. The loosening of skin with age (weak chin) and a combination of other factors can also play a role.

How Does Lifted Treat Submental Fat?

Good diet and exercise regimens can facilitate fat loss overall, but submental fat may stick around for other reasons. Lifted Beauty + Wellness is here to eliminate these troublesome areas with non-invasive and simple procedures such as Sculpsure® submental, Pontenza RF microneedling, TempSure® Envi and Injectables.

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