Double Chin

Double Chin

Do you have a double chin?

It’s tough to look and feel your best if you are obsessing over your double chin. A double chin is what we call submental fat, that layer of fat that develops under your chin. While losing weight can certainly help reduce fat content, it’s not always the answer to reducing a submental fat. If you are struggling with submental fat that just won’t seem to go away, Lifted Beauty + Wellness can help.

Why does double chin occur?

Unfortunately, you have little choice in determining where your body decides to store fat. Although people who are overweight may have a double chin, being overweight is not necessary for having one. You may be beholden to genetics, submental fat may be attributable to the loosening of skin as you’ve aged, or it may be a combination of factors.

What is SculpSure submental?

SculpSure submental is the same procedure we use for body sculpting with SculpSure but with a special submental applicator that allows us to specifically target that troublesome fat under your chin. It is a simple, non-invasive process where we apply laser light energy safely to the submental fat. You may feel a warm, tingling sensation, but only fat cells are damaged, not the overlying skin. Each session can eliminate up to 24% of targeted fat cells*, which, once destroyed, are flushed out by your system in the ensuing weeks.

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