DefenAge<sup>®</sup> Skincare Pro

DefenAge® Skincare Pro

Turn back the clock, naturally

Have you ever wanted to age in reverse? DefenAge® products have been shown to reprogram dormant cells in the body to promote newer, healthier, and more youthful-looking skin. Defensin molecules visibly rejuvenate the skin quickly, resulting in a brighter-looking skin tone, an improvement in the appearance of dark spots, pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and skin moisture.

DefenAge products

How fast can I see results?

Initial results can be seen in as little as 1 week, full range of results – 6 weeks.

Why are a few days enough to see the first results with DefenAge?

It is enough because our unique cosmetic ingredient, the defensin-molecules, works together with the same “fresh” skin master cells that our body uses to heal wounds. Our skin heals scratches within a few days, meaning that it is enough for the body to produce a visible effect that fast.

Can I combine DefenAge with Retin-A or other skincare?

Yes, you can! This is a unique property of defensin- molecules, our core anti-aging technology. Due to an entirely different mechanism of action, DefenAge can be combined with almost any other skincare products and ingredients, including Retin-A and retinols, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and growth factors.

The rule is simple: layer all other products in your skincare routine before layering DefenAge’s Step 2 and 3.

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Who Is It For?

Anyone interested in having younger-looking and more vibrant skin.

DefenAge® products have undergone over 15 clinical studies to test safety and results. These formulas do not contain retinol or common harmful ingredients. However, a consultation is required to determine if you can use these products while pregnant or breastfeeding.

DefenAge® Treatment Results

Initial results from DefenAge® can be seen in as little as one week, with a full range of results being visible over the course of roughly six weeks. It’s important to note that DefenAge® is a tested, evidence-based skincare line and treatment results can’t be replicated.

Why Lifted Loves DefenAge® Skincare

Safety and purity are the cornerstones of DefenAge®. These products are widely used by aesthetic professionals in their practices as universal anti-aging and preventive solutions. The brand has a strong five-year history of delivering excellence in the realm of skincare.

Schedule a Complimentary Skincare Consultation in Capitol Hill, Seattle

Not sure what products are right for you? Let our team craft the perfect skincare routine based on your skin needs! If you live in the Madrona community of Seattle, please text us at (206) 299-1102, or request a complimentary consultation online. DefenAge® products are available at our spa only and can be provided during your curated skincare experience here at Lifted.






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