Looking for smooth, youthful, and radiant skin? Add dermaplaning to your next facial. Dermaplaning is performed using a sterile surgical scalpel to gently shave the dead skin on the stratus corneum (top layer of the skin) and vellus hair (peach fuzz) to manually exfoliate the face.⁣⁣ Our highly experienced Master Aestheticians will gently feather the blade across your skin removing the outermost layer of thick skin and fine hair, stimulating the skin’s natural healing response and revealing the healthy, glowing underlying skin.

The benefits of dermaplaning are both instant and long-lasting. By removing the dead skin cells and hair sitting on the surface of your skin it boosts your skincare product absorption and creates an ideal canvas for flawless make-up application. We often recommend pairing dermaplaning with your HydraFacial or enzyme peel and mask because it allows for deeper product penetration and absorption.


Dermaplaning is suitable for all skin types but it is especially ideal for those with dry and dehydrated skin.


Removes facial hair that can trap dirt and oils. Boosts skincare product absorption. Creates an ideal canvas for flawless make-up application. Reveals the underlying youthful glowing skin.

Will my hair grow back thicker?


How often?

Every 3-4 weeks.


There is no downtime with dermaplaning, however, you should keep your skin well hydrated and protected by sunscreen.


Scalpeel Facial $150 or add-on to your next HydraFacial for $50.

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