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NUTRAFOL® is a natural supplement that addresses the underlying causes of hair thinning. The latest hair research shows that hair thinning and loss are caused by genetic factors, stress, inflammation, free radical damage, and hormonal changes. The NUTRAFOL® formula uses clinically-tested, botanical nutraceutical ingredients to fight the effects of these hair stressors.

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Who Is It For?

For those interested in maintaining the strength of their hair.

NUTRAFOL® features formulas, for men and women. The men’s formulas feature ingredients combined to block DHT (the hormone that causes hair loss) without unwanted side effects. The women’s formulas are vegan, balanced with collagen based on age, and fortify hair against stress-related damage.

NUTRAFOL® Protocol

NUTRAFOL® is applied to the scalp and gets at the root of hair health by nourishing existing hair follicles and stimulating dormant hair follicles. This treatment needs to be applied as part of a hair care regimen. Patients taking NUTRAFOL® will see less shedding and experience thicker, stronger hair. Hair thinning and hair breakage will continue to decline with ongoing use.

Why Lifted Loves NUTRAFOL®

NUTRAFOL® offers patients a safe and effective method of addressing their hair loss without requiring more extensive procedures like hair transplants. If you’ve noticed signs of thinning, this treatment can be an excellent option for strengthening your hair at its core. This treatment is evidence-based and its results can’t be replicated.

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