October 26, 2022

Achieving Great Skin & Fitness Goals is Like a New Netflix Series

Achieving Great Skin & Fitness Goals is Like a New Netflix Series

I can’t tell you how many times people have told me when starting a new Netflix series— “Hey, it starts slow. But hang in there. You’ll be glad you did!”

I want to tell everyone this is true about SKIN HEALTH & FITNESS, not just Netflix!

It’s true about many of the good things we want in life.

Why do we give up so fast? And/or why do we expect immediate results, and when we don’t get them, stop? 🤔

Here’s a brilliant question for you: when there’s something you want to achieve that might take some time… I’ve applied it to many things, like building the spa or adding new skincare lines:

“How can I make this as fun and easy as possible?”

Your mind is incredible.

When you ask better questions (not “how the heck will I push through this to get it done?” for example), it comes up with better solutions at your command.

I always joke that I’m “hitting the easy button” because I love making skin health + fitness more straightforward and faster than most people believe it has to be. Success requires continuing to show up.   

If you are working towards glowing skin and/or a healthy body, it takes time. It does not happen overnight – it’s science.  

So, stick with it and let Lifted help you make your skin and body changes a reality. We can help you customize a treatment plan that will get you to your goals.


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