May 4, 2020

Cilantro – A Potent Herb

Cilantro – A Potent Herb

Generally speaking, most fresh green herbs are great for skin health because they are packed with nutrients, but cilantro is one of my favorites for skin health and more. Cilantro is particularly good at regulating blood sugar. Because it keeps your system operating on an even keel, cilantro is helpful in avoiding the inevitable breakouts that result from blood-sugar spikes. This makes it a great potent herb for diabetics and acne sufferers.

Cilantro is also a potent antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal and anti-inflammatory herb. All of these “antis” amount to a huge “pro” for skin health. It is especially effective for treating serious skin conditions and infections like rosacea and almost any skin issue that stems from inner inflammation. The liver, too, is supported by cilantro because it is full of potent antioxidants like quercetin, helping the body detoxify. Cilantro also assists in producing digestive enzymes which can reduce nausea and excess gas. Because after all, a healthy gut equals a healthy complexion.

Great For: Anti-aging, acne, rosacea, inflammation.


It is easy to include cilantro in your diet. It tastes great in cocktails, salads, dressing, salsa, and chimichurri to name a few. You can add is as a topping to chicken, rice, quinoa, potatoes, eggs and steak. Here is a chimichurri recipe I love. It adds great flavor to many dishes. We normally make a large batch that we can use throughout the week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Toss it all in a blender or food processor and pulse until it reaches the desired texture. May need to pulse a few times and scrape down the sides and repeat. We like ours nearly liquid, like a sauce. I also chop the leaves and toss the stocks (but again, this is up to your liking).

• 1 bunch cilantro

• 1 bunch Italian parsley

• ¼ fresh oregano (optional)

• 1 lime juiced

• ¾ cup EVO

• 4-8 cloves of garlic (to your taste)

• 3+ tbsp of red wine vinegar (to taste)

• ¼ tsp ground cumin

• ¼ tsp pepper

• 1 tsp salt (or to taste – can skip altogether if you’d prefer)

• Optional red chili flakes to taste

I have so many recipes with cilantro! Be sure to following our Eating Beautiful Facebook group to see what else I share.

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