March 15, 2021

Coffee Grounds – Post IPL

Coffee Grounds – Post IPL

What we mean when we say COFFEE GROUNDS post IPL Photofacials.

Trying to explain downtime and coffee grounds to first-time IPL Clients can be challenging. What I define as downtime might not be the same as what you define as downtime. So let’s check out these results 5 days post my IPL with Tiffany.

Slide 1

5 times Zoom. We are getting up close and personal. Some of the treated pigment is pushing up to the surface presenting as what we describe as coffee grounds. This pigment has been gradually expressing itself since my treatment 5 days ago and areas will continue to present for about another 9 days. These little spots are about the size of a pore or smaller and they are the one’s we are talking about when we say “no picking or exfoliating.”

Slide 2

2 times zoom. This little circle is the area represented in the 5xzoom.

Slide 3

No zoom. Not a lot to see from a normal human view.

Slide 4

No zoom with Epionce Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50. I love makeup but I typically reserve it for nights out. When I’m in the spa you’ll normally see my skin naked with just my tinted SPF.  Most people wouldn’t even notice I had a treatment.

Slide 5

Pretreatment, 5-days ago with a fresh face. I’ve had lots of IPL treatments over the last couple of years so I don’t have as much wow with the initial pigment expression anymore.  We warn our clients, your pigment will get darker before it gets lighter. For me, my pigment starts to pop in the Spring and it seems to align with my allergies. When we finally see the sun again my pigment resurfaces. The pigment we are seeing now is from sun exposure ages ago, think elementary school.

IPL treatments are something I will continue to do for the rest of my life because I didn’t wear sunscreen on the regular until I was a “grownup”. So wear your SPF people and apply it on your kiddos too!

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