July 25, 2023

FlexSure: The Flexibility to Focus on You

FlexSure: The Flexibility to Focus on You

Looking for the ultimate body boost? New in-office body contouring treatments, like Cynosure’s FlexSure, are a high-tech option worth considering. FlexSure is an effective 15-minute treatment that uses flex-heating deep tissue technology to treat even those hard-to-target areas of the body. The peel & stick applicator curves and conforms to your body to reach those hard-to-treat areas. Every treatment has zero downtime, allowing you the flexibility to finish your day strong! 

What is FlexSure? 

Introducing FlexSure. The radiofrequency (RF) body boost treatment helps you achieve a more youthful appearance.  Designed to curve and conform to your body, it specifically targets even the hardest-to-treat areas. 

How does it work? 

FlexSure is a radiofrequency body treatment that provides deep, even tissue heating. The peel & stick applicator curves and conforms to your body to reach those hard-to-treat areas. Common treatment areas include the abdomen, love handles, arms, thighs, and knees, and have been described as a gentle hot stone massage. 

Am I a candidate? 

The FlexSure applicator can be used on any skin type, any time of year, with no BMI restrictions. FlexSure has multiple applicator sizes that allow for non-invasive and customized treatments. Since FlexSure requires no downtime, you can return to your daily activities immediately. 

RF energy treatments are generally safe for everyone. As with all RF technology, it is contraindicated if you have any type of device in your body with an on/off switch, such as a pacemaker or insulin pump. 

What are the benefits of nonsurgical deep tissue-technology treatments? 

The FlexSure technology serves a huge population of people who don’t want to go the surgical route. Surgery requires downtime – you must take time off work and stop exercising. Some clients also want to avoid surgical scars. Since the FlexSure treatment is just 15 minutes and has no downtime, it is a great non-surgical option for body contouring.   

How is FlexSure different from other body contouring treatments? 

Unlike other body contouring devices, FlexSure has a new, wrappable, disposable applicator that targets specific areas thoroughly. Another differentiator between FlexSure and other applicators is how precise the treatment is. Each pad has six zones where the heat is cycled in a circular pattern. Each zone on the pad remains warm for two seconds before moving to the next. This provides a confluent temperature, and the heat is distributed up to 44 degrees consistently. 

Lifted’s favorite part is the ability to easily provide another treatment simultaneously during the treatment. So, you can get toned arms while having a facial. 

When will I see the results? 

Results can be seen in as little as 3 treatments, but optimal results are seen after a series of 5 treatments. You will see an immediate improvement in your overall skin texture, and the appearance will continue to improve with maximum results at 5 months post your final session. Schedule a complimentary virtual visit to discuss treatment areas and the number of treatments required. 

How many treatments will I need? 

The number of treatments required will vary by client. A minimum of 3 sessions per treatment area is recommended. Each session takes approximately 15 minutes, making FlexSure a great lunchtime treatment. During your consultation, the ideal number of treatment sessions will be determined. 

For clients with a higher degree of excess fat and/or skin laxity, it may require more sessions or recommendations of other body contouring options. 

What happens during a FlexSure treatment? 

We prep the treatment area before carefully adhering the peel-and-stick single-use applicator to your skin. Through the FlexSure device’s Guided User Interface, we will have the option to set the applicator to a specific temperature to optimize your treatment results. 

Once the hands-free treatment session begins, the RF applicator will begin emitting heat, elevating the subdermal tissue temperature.  

You’re free to relax and catch up on your favorite Netflix series for the 15-minute session. Your skin will feel warm, a sensation some patients have described as a gentle hot stone massage.  FlexSure is also a great combination therapy.  You can easily add on a HydraFacial while your body is getting toned. 

Real People, Real Results 

Let’s treat your body to a boost with the form-fit effect of FlexSure, and you can relax while it works. Lifted Beauty & Wellness offers complimentary virtual visits to help you find the perfect body contouring treatment to meet your goals! Book now.

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