October 4, 2021

Lifted’s Turning 3!

Lifted’s Turning 3!

When I decided to open Lifted back in 2018, I dreamt of creating an intimate space where our clients could be completely honest and real about what was going on in their lives. A space where everyone could “show their face,” so to speak, and get into the real challenges of living life. Because let’s be honest, your skin, your figure, your life can all feel like a roller coaster ride.

I wanted to create a space where we could celebrate natural beauty and work through all of the hard seasons of skin changes, body changes, and aging. What I didn’t expect was how once our clients truly entered Lifted, they would open up not only about their immediate aesthetic concerns but truly open their hearts and completely let their guards down.

Dreams have been shared, fears have been challenged, and tears have been shed.  

I’m so grateful that we have created such a safe and supportive environment where our clients feel they can share ANYTHING. After all, if I’ve learned anything, it’s that everyone has very similar fears.

Lifted is that healthy relationship with your best friend. We are your cheerleaders in the background. We are more than skin deep. Thank you so much for trusting our team with your skin health.  

As we move into this new and exciting year, we look forward to making new friends and adding to our menu of services from new aesthetic treatments and skincare lines to our new yoga studio!



My personal shout-outs for all of the help and support over the past year!

I wanted to give a huge thank you to our amazing team. I feel truly blessed to work with the best in the industry. Thank you for helping me select only the best treatments and skincare. You embody the Lifted lifestyle. Thank you for treating each and every client as though they are our only client.   

To my husband, Tom, thank you for your unending support and understanding; without you, none of this would be possible.  

To my general contractor, Rick, thank you for your meticulous work on the new spa; you brought my photos, sketches, and Pinterest posts to life!

To Natasha, thank you for your support and laughs on the daily; you are truly an inspiration. I’m happy to call you my work wife. 

To Tiffany, thank you for rolling with the punches, helping me talk through all of our big decisions, and finding us amazing new services to add to our menu. I appreciate all of your guidance and support more than you’ll ever know. Also, thank you for always texting me when cool scrubs, jewelry, and P448s are on sale!

To IngaLisa, thank you for stepping up and covering for all of us. You have allowed our spa to grow with extended hours and meet our clients when it works for their schedule. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

To Joanie, thank you for growing alongside Lifted; you’ve been here since the very beginning. Thank you for your conservative approach to aesthetics, in-depth research, and dedication to your craft. I have so much confidence in your technique – I can’t wait to see what else you bring to the spa over the next year!

To Dr. Fox, I’m so grateful to find us finally operating under the same roof! Thank you so much for teaching me something eye-opening every day. This is an absolute dream come true.

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