January 14, 2019

SculpSure Laser Body Contouring – I Did It, Should You?

SculpSure Laser Body Contouring – I Did It, Should You?

As a healthcare consultant I am always researching new medical services for my clients. One of my long-standing clients was interested in adding non-invasive body contouring services to his Internal Medicine practice servicing the LBGTQ population. We read through countless journal articles, FDA approvals and clearances, and listened to sales pitch after sales pitch. Here is a quick break-down of what we learned.

What is body contouring?

Nonsurgical body contouring or “fat reduction” is a medical procedure aiming to reduce or remove stubborn pockets of fat by contouring different areas of the body. There are solutions that heat, freeze, melt and dissolve. We classified the treatments into four main areas.

  • Laser Lipolysis uses controlled heating and laser energy to target fat cells
  • Cryolipolysis, or controlled cooling, uses freezing temperatures to target and destroy fat cells
  • Radiofrequency Lipolysis uses controlled heating and ultrasound to target fat cells
  • Injection Lipolysis used injectable doxycholic acid to target fat cells.

After 12 months of research, sales calls and demonstrations, we settled on SculpSure by Cynosure (a Hologic company). Our decision was based on patient satisfaction, science, results, short treatment time and no downtime (minor opportunity for complications). Being the amazing consultant I am, I graciously volunteered to be the test subject prior to purchase. Who am I kidding? As a wife and mother of two young boys who wanted her body back, I scheduled an appointment. I was concerned about the reviews posted by Beauty Influencers stating it was too hot. I underwent the treatment which I found to be spicy but tolerable. I understood the science and had experienced the treatment; I purchased the actual SculpSure device that day.

Within a few weeks I was seeing results from my initial treatment.* My clothing was fitting better . . . my muffin top was shrinking!* After a little over a month, I was comfortably fitting in my clothing.* At 7 weeks, I had my second treatment on the same area. Again, like clockwork I saw results a few weeks later; I went down a size in clothing.* I folded up my post pregnancy jeans and tucked them away filling the shelves with my pre-pregnancy denim! I am so glad I decided to keep my designer denim; the cost of the treatment is less expensive than replacing your wardrobe.

Since the big purchase I get asked all sorts of skeptical questions. To my friends I say, “Would I buy and sell something that didn’t work?” They all shake their head “no” and schedule an appointment. For all of you doing your research, I’ve got the answers to the most common questions here.

I did it, should you?

I’ve yet to encounter a single person in my life that doesn’t have a trouble area they would like to tackle. Being an athlete, yogi and workout enthusiast, I’ve spent countless hours training. As a mother, wife and business owner, I struggle to find the time. SculpSure gave me the motivation I needed to get my workouts back on track. If you have areas you would like to target, please request a consultation online. We will walk you through the treatment in detail and make sure you are a qualified candidate. LB+W offers combination therapies allowing us to truly treat to complete by customizing multiple therapies to get you the results you’re looking for. Book now!

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