January 14, 2019

SculpSure: All the Answers

SculpSure: All the Answers

Since I purchased SculpSure I get asked all sorts of skeptical questions. To my friends I say, “Would I buy and sell something that didn’t work?” They all shake their heads, “no” and schedule an appointment and are thrilled with their results. For all of you doing your research I’ve got the answers to the most common questions here. Keep reading for all the answers to your SculpSure questions!

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a non-surgical laser treatment aiming to reduce stubborn pockets of fat by contouring different areas of the body. Here is a quick video:

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

How does it work?

Laser energy is used to target and heat fat cells under the skin without affecting the skin’s surface.* SculpSure raises the temperature of the fat cells damaging their structural integrity with the surface of the skin staying safe and comfortable throughout the treatment with a cooling system.*

The damaged fat cells are removed naturally from your body through your lymphatic system (your normal metabolic process).* Once the fat cells are removed (you pee them out) from your body they cannot regrow.

Who is it for? 

Unlike some lasers and lights, SculpSure is safe for all skin types. The ideal candidate is someone committed to making healthy lifestyle choices. If you are looking to improve stubborn problem areas resistant to diet and exercise and achieve a slimmer appearance in the belly, love handles, back, thighs, arms, and under the chin, SculpSure is a treatment you should consider.

What are the results?

SculpSure is a customizable treatment. Using frames and straps we can target specific areas of concern. The laser also diffuses energy into the area surrounding the device, so you achieve a beautifully feathered result.* The goal is to reduce the unwanted stubborn fat.


Does SculpSure actually work?

The short answer is “Yes.”  While SculpSure is not a magic wand that will erase all your fat, it has impressive results.*

Let’s break it down. When you lose weight from eating healthier or exercising your fat cells simply shrink in size. Conversely, when you gain weight your fat cells increase in size. Either way, you maintain the same number of fat cells. With SculpSure, fat cells are reduced, resulting in a long-lasting physical change.* The treatment does not physically shed pounds, instead we are “losing” what’s spilling over the tops of our pants, bra, or [fill in your blank].  It is common to hear our clients report their clothing fits better as well as dropping one to two clothing sizes.*

SculpSure before and after results

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

SculpSure before and after results

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

When should I start the treatment?

Now . . . today! Seriously though, if you have a vacation or big life event on the horizon, we suggest you begin scheduling your sessions 3-6 months in advance. Results begin to become visible a few weeks after your first treatment with the fat loss reaching its peak after a few months.* We “treat to complete” at LB+W, so our protocol consists of two treatments of the same area. For example, you have your abdomen treated today and return in six weeks for your second treatment of the same site.

Is it safe?

SculpSure is FDA-cleared and the complication rate is very low. Typically, clients experience temporary redness and tenderness with occasional reports of swelling. The treatment has no downtime and only takes 25 minutes. We call it a lunch time treatment. You can come in and have the treatment done and go on with your day as normal.

What does it feel like?

At the beginning of the treatment you will feel a slight warming sensation. The Contact Cooling stays on throughout the treatment, which helps keep the skin safe and comfortable. Two minutes into the treatment you will start to feel peaks of warmth followed by cooling. Four minutes into the treatment you will feel deep warmth and tingling. Some clients feel a sensation of pressure or prickling. The warmth builds to peaks of deep heating letting you know you’re are in the fat destruction zone. For the remaining 21 minutes your will feel continuous cycles of deep heat along with cooling sensations.

The discomfort level ranges from 0-10 depending on the person, the area, or even the day. We have clients who are so relaxed and comfortable that they fall asleep. But that same client a week later, on a different area, might complain about the spiciness. To offset any discomfort, we offer Nitronox, a proven treatment to safely and effectively manage pain and anxiety. Nitronox delivers a fixed 50% N2O and 50% O2 as needed throughout your treatment. Additionally, we have the ability to adjust the intensity of the treatment at each individual laser, customizing the treatment for each client.

Should I do it?

If you have areas you would like to target, please request a consultation online. Our consults are free. We will walk you through the treatment in detail and make sure you are a qualified candidate and provide you with a customized treatment plan. Book now!

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