April 26, 2023

Shield Yourself from Sunscreen Scares: A Foolproof Guide to Finding Your SPF Soulmate

Shield Yourself from Sunscreen Scares: A Foolproof Guide to Finding Your SPF Soulmate

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and the best way to spread the message is by following our #1 beauty secret – wearing sunscreen daily! But with so many options on the market, finding your perfect match can be overwhelming. From chemical vs. mineral to SPF levels and ingredients, it’s no wonder sunscreen scares are a thing. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our foolproof guide to finding your SPF soulmate. Say goodbye to greasy, white-cast-causing formulas and hello to a smooth, protected, and radiant complexion. So grab your shades and get ready to shield yourself from the sunscreen scares. It’s time to find your SPF love!

There’s no better time to start making sunscreen a non-negotiable part of your daily routine than during Skin Cancer Awareness Month. It’s no secret that the sun’s UV rays are one of the leading causes of premature aging and skin cancer. The good news is that by incorporating a broad-spectrum physical sunscreen into your daily skincare regimen, you’re taking a significant step toward preventing both. Don’t let excuses like “I don’t have time” or “I don’t like the way it feels” stand in the way of prioritizing your skin health. Remember, wearing sunscreen isn’t just a beauty secret – it’s a life-saving habit. So let’s make this Skin Cancer Awareness Month count and spread the message far and wide: wear sunscreen every day without fail. Your skin (and your future self) will thank you!

Here are our recommendations based on all of your excuses:

I can’t find the right shade match: Best at Camouflaging Redness

Skinbetter Science Tone Smart SPF 75

For those who have a pink undertone, suffer from rosacea, or are working to repair their skin barrier and reduce redness, the Tone Smart by Skinbetter Science is our go-to to cut the redness and leave you with a beautifully even skin tone.

My foundation already has SPF: Flawless Make-Up-Like Coverage

Colorescience Flex

This product will help your wallet because you’ll be able to forgo the cover-up – no foundation is required with this team favorite. Have you tried every drugstore sunscreen, and you can’t find the right match for your skin tone? Then the Flex by Colorescience is the way to go. Select the shade that best matches your skin tone, and when you massage this creamy product into your skin, you’ll find that it melts into your skin for the perfect match. Its coverage finishes more like a foundation. Pro tip: add in Glow from Colorescience for a dewy look. 

It wears off too fast: Consistent Force Field

Epionce Daily Shield Tinted SPF 50

This is my ride-or-die formulation. It is like a force field – when you put this product on in the morning, it is not coming off until you double cleanse at night. It melts into your skin and blends well with Fitzpatrick I-V.  After massaging the product in, you’ll forget you even have it on.

When I reapply, it messes up my makeup: On-The-Go Photo Finish

Skinbetter Science Tone Smart Compact SPF 68

The Tone Smart Compact by Skinbetter Science is handy – this sexy little compact is easy to drop in your purse for on-the-go reapplication. You can apply this over your makeup for an airbrushed look. If you prefer to skip the tint, no problem, they have a sheer formulation available too.

It’s too messy to carry with me to reapply: Never Miss a Reapplication

Colorescience Brush SPF 50

I don’t leave home without this, and it sits next to my computer monitor at work. Did you know that the computer screen or phone screen you are reading this on is emitting blue light? Being exposed to 8-hours of blue light each day is the equivalent of sitting in the mid-day sun with no sun protection for 25 minutes!  The Colorescience brush on SPF comes in matte, glow, bronze, and color-matching tones so you can find the perfect look. In addition to using it full face for reapplication of your SPF during the day, the Glow and Bronze brush are two of my favorites for contouring.

I don’t like the way SPF feels: You Forget You Applied It

Alastin Silk Shield SPF 30

For a finish so smooth, you’ll completely forget you applied your SPF.  This is our favorite sunscreen for people who hate wearing sunscreen because they “can’t stand the way it feels on their skin.”  The name says it all; its silky formulation will leave you looking forward to reapplying.

There are too many steps in my skincare routine: Corrects & Protects

Colorescience All-Calm and Even-Up

Do you have red, sensitive skin? How about correcting and protecting with All-Calm in the same application?  Or maybe you are trying to improve your hyperpigmentation?  The Even-Up is correcting damage and preventing future damage in a single formulation. I love how Colorescience is merging SPF and skincare into one simple solution. 

Tips for Making Sunscreen Application Part of Your Daily Routine

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and there’s no better way to spread the message than with our number one beauty secret: wearing sunscreen daily. It’s time to add this non-negotiable step to your routine, just like brushing your teeth. Trust us, adding a broad spectrum physical mineral sunscreen to your daily beauty routine is the key to smoother, glowing skin with long-term health benefits. Don’t believe us? Think of it like drinking water – you just have to do it. Plus, using an SPF daily is not optional if you want to avoid skin cancer and slow down the signs of aging. We’ve heard all the excuses as to why you skip your sunscreen, but let’s be real; none of them hold up against the big C (cancer). So, go ahead and add that bottle of sunscreen to your cart and apply it like your life depends on it – because it just might.

Besides protecting your skin from harmful rays, daily sunscreen application also has many other benefits that will have you wondering why you ever skipped it in the first place. Not only does it prevent premature aging and unwanted wrinkles, but it also keeps your skin looking smooth and healthy for years to come. Don’t let the fear of white residue or greasiness deter you from using sunscreen – with so many options available on the market, there’s sure to be one that suits your needs. So, this Skin Cancer Awareness Month, make a promise to yourself and your skin to always apply sunscreen before stepping out. It might just become your new favorite beauty secret!

Final Say

So there you have it, folks, our foolproof guide to finding your SPF soulmate is in. With sunscreen scares a thing of the past, you can now slow down the aging process without fearing sun damage. Whether you’re on the lookout for chemical or mineral formulas, high or low SPF levels, or specific ingredients that cater to your skin type, we’ve got you covered. So go ahead, and enjoy those beach days, pool parties, and outdoor adventures without a care in the world. After all, finding the perfect sunscreen match is like finding your soulmate – once you’ve found it, you’ll never let it go.

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