October 4, 2019

All About Vectus Laser Hair Removal

All About Vectus Laser Hair Removal

Did you know the average woman will spend over 2 months of her life shaving unwanted body hair?  Men don’t have it any better. The average man will spend up to 6 months shaving to maintain a smooth face. Managing unwanted hair takes time and the hair just keeps growing back. Learn all about Vectus laser hair removal and how it can simplify your life! 

While plucking, waxing, sugaring, and shaving are ways to manage unwanted body hair they are not a permanent solution. Shaving has short-term results, requires lotions, creams, oils, razors, and for many is a daily commitment. Waxing or sugaring is painful, provides short-term results, is a costly monthly expense and the worst part is that it requires the hair to be grown out.

Laser Hair Reduction literally gets to the root of the problem. With the Vectus we can provide effective, permanent hair reduction anywhere on your body. Unlike other laser hair removal systems, the Vectus laser is seeking hair and not pigment so it is safe to be used on all skin types. The treatments are fast and mess-free with lasting results. Best of all, the hair does not have to be grown out for the treatment and it is overall less expensive than shaving or waxing/sugaring.

How does Laser Hair Removal Work?

The Vectus laser emits gentle pulses of energy that pass through the skin and into the hair follicle. The follicle absorbs the energy and is destroyed; unable to produce hair again. Since our hair grows in cycles, multiple sessions are necessary to achieve the desired results. We are trying to catch the hair in the Anagen Phase or the active phase of hair growth.

The Vectus Hair Removal Treatment

You will come to each visit clean-shaven because we want all the laser energy to be delivered to the root.  During the treatment, the provider will guide the laser handpiece across the area being treated. The handpiece is delivering contact cooling to the surface of your skin while emitting a beam of laser energy which is absorbed by the hair follicles and converted to heat. The heat disables the hair follicle from future growth while the contact cooling maximizes your comfort during the treatment. When clients describe the procedure, their sensations range from tingling to the snap of a rubber band.

Advantages of the Vectus Laser

The Vectus laser offers multiple handpiece sizes which the provider will select based on the treatment area. This allows us to treat large body areas very quickly which increases client comfort. But, we can also get into smaller hard to reach areas. The Vectus also has the industry’s only melanin reader.  The Skintel Melanin Reader measures the skin melanin index at each treatment. This index is used to determine the ideal setting for each individual client increasing the safety and results for each session.

How many treatments will I need?

Because our hair grows in cycles, multiple treatments are recommended to achieve your desired results. Depending on the body area, we space the treatments 4 – 6 weeks apart.  This cadence is critical to effective treatment. Remember, we are trying to catch the hair in its anagen phase and not all hairs are on the same cycle. Other factors that influence the number of treatments include hair color, texture, body area, and skin type. Typically, you can expect 6 – 12 sessions. During your life, you may see additional hair growth in the area treated based on changes in hormones and/or prescriptive medications. These hormonal changes can stimulate new hair growth in dormant follicles. So, we do advise our clients that future maintenance treatments might be needed.

Text or request an appointment online for a complimentary consultation. Let’s see if laser hair removal is right for you.

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