January 23, 2023

Why Your First Call After You Get Engaged Should Be to Your Aesthetician…

Why Your First Call After You Get Engaged Should Be to Your Aesthetician…

Planning your wedding day isn’t just about venues, florals, and photographers. If you want flawless, healthy, glowing skin on your big day, your first call should be to Lifted Beauty & Wellness. Our team can craft the perfect timeline to have your skin glowing and your body contoured for your big day.


Why your aesthetician should be part of your wedding planning

You outsource your menu to a caterer, your florals to a florist, you leave the music to a DJ, and your photographs to a photographer. Why not leave your skin to the skin experts?

It takes a team of experts to make your dream wedding a reality. Healthy, glowing skin doesn’t happen overnight. The stress of wedding planning can affect your skin health. As well as celebrations like engagement parties, bridal showers, and bachelorette parties.

At Lifted, we believe in 3 things:

  1. Healthy glowing skin comes from within. What appears on your skin is a direct reflection of what is happening on the inside of your body. We practice Holistic skincare to treat the root cause.
  2. Using evidence-based skincare recommended by a licensed aesthetician to address your specific skin needs and concerns will get you results. After all, a consistent and effective homecare routine is just as important as your in-spa treatments.
  3. The magic is inside you. Using a blend of energy to ask the body to naturally create change – from fat lipolysis to collagen stimulation.  

So, let Lifted Beauty & Wellness be your skincare expert. Our teams’ years of experience, unique holistic approach to skincare and access to combination therapies leaves you in the best possible hands.

So, you’re engaged? Now what? The wedding preparations begin.

We are breaking down the treatments you should consider when planning for your wedding.  When you pair these details with our Wedding Glow-Up Timeline, you’ll have a recipe for glowing, smooth, and contoured skin.


Shaving is the worst. You don’t want razor burn, bumps, and a 5 o’clock shadow in your strapless wedding dress. Plus, there might be a beach honeymoon involved. Why worry about shaving when with the right planning, you can be hair free and carefree for your wedding and honeymoon?

Depending on a combination of your Fitzpatrick (skin color) and hair color, it takes 6-12 months to permanently obtain a 90% reduction in hair. So, this is one of those treatments you’ll want to start early in the wedding planning process.

Contact Lifted today for a complimentary virtual visit. During the 15-minute intake, we will discuss the science of laser hair removal, create a customized treatment plan, and divulge all of our trade secrets to be razor bump free.


Sure, booking a makeup artist for your big day is probably on your list. But starting with a clear canvas will leave you looking flawless.

Think about it. What’s the goal of wearing foundation and makeup? It’s to even out your skin tone, contour, hide blemishes, and glow. What if I said we could achieve all of this with skincare, facials, and energy to reveal your glowing skin, no makeup required?

This is the part where you say let’s do it!!! Treatments for evening out skin tone by correcting pigmentation and vascularity (redness), reducing pore size, and stimulating collagen include:

IPL Photofacials
Potenza RF Microneedling
1540 Fractional
DMK Enzyme Therapy
O-Cosmedics Dermalplanning
Chemical Peels

Each treatment listed above has a different lead time for correction based on the severity of the concern. Schedule a virtual consultation with Lifted today to customize a treatment plan designed for you. For general timelines, download the Wedding Glow-Up Timeline.


With the median ages for women being 28.6 and men being 30.6 for first weddings and 32.7 and 35.1 for second weddings, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction might be on your list of concerns to address. From lines on your forehead, crow’s feet, and nasolabial folds to tech neck, you might be considering options to smooth things out.  

Three for Me
Potenza RF Microneedling

Wedding preparations aren’t limited to the bride alone. What about the MOB or MOG? It is normal to want to look your best for your child’s nuptials. After all, the photos and videos will be viewed for a lifetime.

Depending on the severity of the correction, treatments should be scheduled 3-12 months before the wedding date. Never fear, though; TempSure can be done on the same day as the wedding, so you’ll be ready carpet ready. Reach out to Lifted Beauty & Wellness to schedule a complimentary virtual visit to learn which treatment is best for you.


Toned arms, a cinched waist, and a lifted derrière can all be achieved in our Contour Lab. The workouts our Aestheticians put you through cannot be replicated in the gym.

Don’t be afraid of the sleeveless dress, cut-outs on your flanks, or the satin buttons running down your fitted mermaid gown. Lifted has ultimate workouts for the perfect fitting gown. In the Contour Lab, we can replicate 54,000 crunches and 44,000 squats in 15 minutes, a 16-week HIIT in 4 weeks, and shave off inches of unwanted fat permanently, all non-invasively, with zero downtime.

truSculpt flex
TempSure Firm

Please reach out to Lifted Beauty & Wellness to schedule a complimentary virtual consultation.  During the 15-minute intake, we will discuss the science of body contouring to help you choose the best treatment(s) for the perfect wedding dress silhouette.  


You have your treatment plans in place – now comes the home care. It’s time to give your skin the glow it deserves. We will customize your regimen to enhance your in-spa treatments and maintain your results. 

Think of it this way. 60% of your outcome is the result of treatments we perform in-spa, and the other 40% is what you are doing at home. We have the products you need to glow inside and out with evidence base skincare tailored to you, for you, by us.

It is best to introduce new skincare at least 90 days before your wedding date. This allows your skin the time it needs to make changes. So don’t hesitate to contact Lifted Beauty & Wellness today and schedule your complimentary Skincare Consultation. The visit is virtual and only takes 15 minutes, and you can do it from the comfort of your home.


Lifted has your “face” when it comes to glowing skin on your big day. Our Master Aestheticians customize facials to address your specific skincare concerns and needs. We know how tempting DIY face masks, viral skin tools, and drugstore products can be. But we believe in saying no to the Tik Tok home facial suggestions and yes to curated, evidence-based treatments for true skin health.  With all the options we have available to select from, there isn’t anything we can’t address and correct.

O-Cosmedics Dermalplanning
DMK Enzyme Therapy
WiQo Chemical Peels
Skinbetter Alpha-Ret Peels
Celluma LED Red Light Therapy
IPL Photofacials

Facials shouldn’t be limited to just the face. “Bacne” and “Chicken Skin” shouldn’t dictate the wedding dress you select. Whether the amount of skin you show is a plunging back, strapless, or sleeveless, we can help address breakouts, discoloration, scars, bumps, and dryness to brighten and improve your skin’s health for your stroll down the aisle.

Are you ready for the best skin of your life?  Then book the facial already.


Not sure where to start? We get it. When you’re planning your wedding, thinking about skincare treatments and timing can be a lot to take in.  This is why Lifted Beauty & Wellness offers complimentary virtual visits.

Yes, you read that correctly; our virtual visits are FREE. This is where your wedding skincare journey begins. All you need to do is click on the BOOK NOW button to schedule a time, and Lifted Beauty & Wellness will do all the planning.


Whether you are walking down the aisle next week, newly engaged, or a priancé, give Lifted a call. We will have you glowing for your big day.


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