August 28, 2019

5 Reasons Teens Should Get a HydraFacial

5 Reasons Teens Should Get a HydraFacial

This one’s for you, teens! It’s back-to-school time, and your at-home routine might not be cutting it for the deep clean to remove summer build-up. We’ve asked our Master Aestheticians why teens shouldn’t be skipping out on seeking professional help. Here are 5 reasons teens should get a HydraFacial.

1. To deep clean.

Even though we brush our teeth two times a day we still go for cleanings at the dentist, right? Monthly or seasonal HydraFacials can thoroughly cleanse your skin in a way you can’t do at home. Estheticians are trained to utilize technology and products to safely open your pores and maximize exfoliation.

2. To help you with changing skin.

Environment, weather, age, and even hormones all impact your skin. Having an expert to help you identify and address those changes by providing education on treatments and home-care routines will help you with your ever-changing skin. Just because you have great skin now doesn’t mean it will last forever.

3. You’re a pimple popper.

We all know you do it (because we all did it too), but you’re probably popping your zits wrong, risking hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and acne scarring. Let an expert perform regular extractions to keep your skin clear (plus she’ll give you tips on a safe way to do it at home). Monthly or seasonal HydraFacials are essential to prevent imperfections.

4. Big technology.

You will never have all the right products at home to get professional results. Lifted uses light therapy to help reduce inflammation (red light) and kill the bacteria causing your breakouts (blue light). With our technology, we can promote healthy new cell growth, shrink your pore size, and regulate oil production. You’ll be glowing in no time.

5. Access to safe + effective products.

Have you ever scanned the beauty aisles confused about where to start? It can all be overwhelming and frustrating when the product you finally choose has the opposite effect of what you were hoping to correct. The best way to purchase your skincare products is with a knowledgeable esthetician who can provide personalized skincare recommendations and routines that address your individual concerns. 

Lifted wants all of our clients to feel comfortable in their skin. Let us help you find your confidence and regain skin health! 

When working with teens our HydraFacial includes:

  • Skin Analysis
  • HydraFacial
  • Blue Light Treatment to Fight Acne
  • How To’s for Daily Skin Health Routines

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