Let Me Take You on a Quick Tour . . .

Let Me Take You on a Quick Tour . . .

Lifted has a different vibe from your typical medical spa or clinic. Our vision was clear from the beginning.  We are a destination where our clients feel like they are walking into a friend’s home; a comfortable, safe, clean, cozy space where everyone is welcome.

Nestled in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle, WA we can be a tad bit challenging for newcomers to locate.  You enter the Madrona Refuge Building through a non-descript orange door with no labels or numbers, just a call box is all you will find. Our suite is located directly above East Anchor & Vendemmia (two very delicious places you should try).  Once you wind your way up the stairs (or elevator) and around several corners you’ll find yourself at the door that cannot be missed.

Let me take you on a quick tour of our boutique spa in Suite 203. Click on the first photo to begin.

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