September 3, 2020

Back-to-School Vibes

Back-to-School Vibes

I’ve always thought of September a bit like a second January. It’s the back-to-school vibe. And the close of summer feels like a great time to reconnect with what you want to achieve before the year’s end.

Currently, I’m feeling a little off track. So here is what I’m doing to get back on course. I’m writing down three specific things I really, really, really want by year-end.

Everyone knows that desire is powerful. Now I don’t know about you, but when I give my attention to my desires I feel good. I feel like myself. And I’m excited to do stuff!

My three things:

  • Consistency: Write 2 blogs + produce 2 videos per month.
  • Punctuality: Be punctual for meetings and stop missing appointments.
  • Gratitude: Start a rewards program.

What three specific things do you really, really, really want by year-end? Write them down and let us know on Facebook or Instagram.

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