August 31, 2020

Banana – A Hangover Cure

Banana – A Hangover Cure

I’m sure if we conducted a survey asking, “Why are bananas healthy?” 90% of the responses would say “potassium” and of course, they would be correct. But bananas have so much more nutritional value to offer our skin. The banana is also a powerful hangover cure.

Potassium is a mineral we need to regulate nerve function, support our cardiovascular system, and lower our blood pressure. But bananas are rich in other essential nutrients: they contain high levels of vitamin C and B6. These vitamins support skin elasticity as well as restore natural radiance. Its vitamin A content helps repair dull and damaged skin by restoring natural hydration.

And then the ever-important hangover cure; the banana’s fiber gives it the power to flush the body and its high natural sugar content give your body what it is craving to restore your equilibrium. The tryptophan a banana contains is necessary for producing the “feel-good” hormone, serotonin, so you should feel better soon!

Good for: anti-aging, hangover


Bananas are consumed year-round in our house and nearly every morning in our pancakes. Here is a simple kid friendly recipe we love.


  • Banana (Tip: we toss our ripe bananas in the freezer and defrost to use in our pancakes)
  • Your favorite batter (We use Krusteaz)
  • Chocolate chips (We use Nestle Toll House Semi-Sweet)
  • Whip cream

In a mixing bowl, mash your banana to your preferred consistency (my kids prefer no texture, so we seriously mash the banana). Add in your favorite batter following the recipe on the box to make the quantity you desire. Mix gently; over mixing creates flat pancakes. Add in your desired amount of chocolate chips, gently combine. Toss on the gridle!

Top with whip cream when you serve!

For more recipes, visit our Eating Beautiful Facebook group.

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