May 13, 2020

Face Wash Challenge

Face Wash Challenge

Raise your hand if you use an over-the-counter face wash! CeraVe, Cetaphil, Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, or whatever you have in the shower??? Any of these ring a bell? Yes? Then, boy, do we have a fun FREE face wash challenge for you!

After you wash your face does it feel tight, dry, and rough? Your face shouldn’t feel “squeaky clean.” That means that your facewash has completely stripped your skin of all necessary oils, is not ph balanced and didn’t penetrate your pores for a deep clean. Your skin should feel as smooth as silk after you wash your face. It should feel plump from hydration and have a radiant glow.

“What you put in and on your body are the most critical decisions you will make all day,” says Beth Colombo from Lifted Beauty & Wellness. “The ingredients you ingest and apply topically are causing chemical reactions in your body. So, we want to make sure that these reactions are helping not hurting.”

Why is Medical-Grade Skincare Better?

Proven results. Medical-grade skincare utilizes nationally recognized independent research organizations to conduct third-party clinical studies to back-up everything they claim; therefore, we know with full confidence that the products will work as described by the manufacturer. These products are backed by sound science and laboratory testing.

Quality, stable ingredients. Mediceuticals use quality sourced ingredients. Whether those ingredients are botanically based or chemically engineered, they are all done with high-quality standards and are formulated with the correct dosage. Many over the counter beauty products will say they contain an ingredient but not in the correct quality, quantity, or stabilization to actually be effective. Delivering active ingredients is a tricky business. When you are using medical-grade skincare you can be confident the product will deliver on the science.

Control & Packaging. Most medical-grade skincare is produced in small batches inspected for quality assurance. The products are tested pre and post packaging to ensure they are formulated to perfection and are remaining stable. Packaging isn’t just to make the product look pretty; it is actually extremely important. THe bottle design keeps all the active ingredients stable and functioning at their peak with air-tight protection, limiting oxidation and contamination.

The Face Wash Challenge

We invite you to swap out your over-the-counter face wash for one week and try a medical-grade cleanser instead! Submit the form below and describe how your skin looks and feels. Our team will assess your skin type and will then ship you a FREE sample of the cleanser that is best suited for your skin concerns. But hurry, because this offer is only available while supplies last.


Make sure to share your journey by tagging and #facewashchallenge in your Instagram and Facebook stories and posts. We can’t wait to see how one simple change in your life can have such a giant impact.

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